To Borrow or Not to Borrow?

Exhibitions depend upon the presentation of works of art in the original. In deciding whether to borrow a work of art, curators have to weigh its potential aesthetic and interpretive role in the exhibition against that of other similar objects, as well as the costs—financial, logistical, and otherwise—of procuring it, a calculation that increasingly includes environmental impact.

Eliot Furness Porter, Pool in a Brook, Pond Brook, New Hampshire, October 4, 1953, 1953, printed 1984. Dye transfer print, 27.2 × 21.2 cm. Princeton University Art Museum. Gift of the artist (x1984-232)

George Bellows, Cliff Dwellers, 1913. Oil on canvas, 102.1 × 106.8 cm. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles County Fund