Where to Print?

The Printer Selected for Nature's Nation

The catalogue for Nature’s Nation was produced at Meridian Printing in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. While less expensive options were available, using a high-quality domestic printer saved several weeks in a very tight production schedule and reduced the environmental impact of shipping books from overseas. While the European power grid is generally greener than that of the United States, emissions from the electric power used to run Meridian’s facilities are offset with credits from wind power.

In deciding where to print a book, publishers must consider the technical infrastructure and abilities of the printer, the project schedule, and the cost of the finished product, including shipping.

Where a printer is located may impact the carbon footprint of the project in unexpected ways. What method will be used to ship the finished books? How far will they have to travel? What type of energy powers the plant or the grid on which the plant relies?

Skids of paper, each pile numbering around 4,500 sheets, strapped and packed with protective covers to send to an off-site binder.